Responsibilities Of A Family Lawyer

The Lawyer Is An Independent Professional Who Assists You As An Advisor And Representative In Defense Of Your Rights And Interests Vis-À-Vis Public Bodies And The Rest Of Private Persons And Entities.

Nowadays, the lawyer’s vision as a professional who intervenes only in trials is widely surpassed, and the citizen knows that having the prior advice of a lawyer in the negotiation phase of a contract, in the formulation of a claim, in mediation to resolve a conflict, or in the preparation of a will or marriage agreements, to give an example, it serves on many occasions to avoid the expenses and inconveniences of a trial and resolve the issue that concerns you of a satisfactory form.

The lawyer is today a versatile technician who, depending on his specialty areas, and without exhaustive spirit, can offer his services in relation to the following issues:

  1. a) Defense of their interests in all types of judicial proceedings, whether these are those of civil, criminal, social or contentious-administrative jurisdiction.
  1. b) Negotiation and drafting of all types of public or private contracts, whether these are work, execution of tasks or provision of services, the sale of goods, loans…
  1. c) Counseling and intermediation in all types of real estate transactions, purchases and leases of urban and rural flats and estates, with the preparation of contracts and necessary legal documents.
  1. d) Defense of their interests and advice in urban planning matters, acting for this purpose before local and superior administrations and configuring all the necessary legal formalities (drafting of urban plans, constitution, and management of compensation boards, preparation of contracts and terminations of contracts.).
  1. e) Tax advise preparation and presentation of all types of tax declarations and obligations (Income Tax, VAT, Corporation Tax …). Appeals and complaints against the acts of the public treasuries.
  1. f) Drafting of wills, declarations of heirs without a will and hereditary partitions, as well as judicial proceedings in genetic matters.
  1. g) Drafting of capitulations related to the economic regime of marriage (separation of assets, a community of acquisitions).
  1. h) Advice and management of rights in the area of intellectual and industrial property (trademarks, patents).
  1. i) Defense before the imposition of sanctions and fines by any public body.
  1. j) Writing of writings and resources in all types of administrative procedures (compulsory expropriation, contracting with public administrations), managing their interests in the different agencies and obtaining all types of licenses, authorizations, subsidies.
  1. k) Constitution, management, and dissolution of all types of mercantile and local companies, corporate restructuring operations (merger, spin-off …), and general advice on company law (commercial, labor, and fiscal aspects, administrative law).
  1. l) Attendance and accompaniment to all types of meetings or meetings (societies, communities of owners, associations …).
  1. m) Mediation in family, business, labor conflicts …
  1. n) Intervention as arbitrator of equity or of law for the resolution of any disputes or conflicts between persons or companies.
  1. o) Claims for accidents to responsible parties, insurance companies and public agencies.
  2. p) Management and application of all types of rights and pensions to the Social Security (unemployment, retirement, maternity, disabilities …).
  1. q) Negotiation and management of all types of labor rights (salaries, working conditions …).
  1. r) Claim of all types of debts and obligations.

Surely you will be aware of it.  On the contrary, you should know that the services provided by the Rafton Family Lawyers Sydney & Parramatta are not more expensive or burdensome, and in any case the lawyer is the only professional who will advise or defend their rights and interests with all the guarantees:

1) Training guarantee: The lawyer is a qualified professional, university graduate in Law, who also participates in a continuous training program to update his knowledge.

2) Deontological guarantee: The lawyer is subject in his professional performance to a strict Deontological Code, of whose fulfillment accounts to a Professional College, to which must belong compulsorily by legal mandate.

3) Civil liability guarantee: The lawyer is covered by legal obligation with a public liability insurance that guarantees that he will compensate him in the damages that he may suffer as a result of a possible error or negligence in his professional performance.

If you have a conflict, want to make a claim or are going to be involved in a business or operation of any kind, do not hesitate, resort to the services of a lawyer, and you will have the assurance that your rights and interests are defended with all the guarantees.

What Are Family Lawyers For?

– Family lawyers are also responsible for all aspects related to infidelity and adultery.

– Issues pertaining to liquidations of marital property and conjugal assets; as well as separation of goods, and agreements between the parties involved.

– Physical or psychological family violence, such as abuse in the family environment.

Initial Consultation

Many family attorneys offer a free first consultation, which can be an excellent way to evaluate the capacities as a family lawyer; You can request professional advice about the actions you are going to take.

You should ask the rates that the family lawyer will charge, before making any commitment; look for a competent and quality professional at a reasonable price.